Janelle Fitzler, MA, LPC-Supervisee

I was born and raised in the Seattle area of Washington state. I moved to the Sioux Falls area over 13 years ago and have been loving the beautiful community of Canton for over 2 years now. I was blessed to have earned my Bachelors in Psychology: Christian Counseling through Liberty University and continued with them to complete my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have worked with trauma victims for over 5 years and currently am a Certified Trauma Professional. I have also worked with addiction for over 2 years in an inpatient treatment facility.
I am passionate about helping bring healing into people’s lives as well as helping overcome obstacles (no matter how big or small) to living one’s most satisfying life. I am also passionate about self-awareness, self-care, and finding a healthy life balance as this is something I personally learned to achieve while balancing my education full-time, work full-time, three kids, two dogs, and one husband.