Influence Training

The Skills of Influence, Persuasion and Change

Discover the Master Communication Skills that will help you to help others!
Trainer: Dr. Daniel Burow

Cost: $250 per person and space is limited.  8 contact hours  

  If you wish to attend this training, please email Rising Hope at with Message Title: January Influence Training (Please include your name, address, title and license number, if applicable.)


Criminal Minds, Lie to Me, The Closer, Profiler…we’ve all seen the television show, or movie with the
character who can look at another person, and in only a moment, understand who they are, and what
they want. In real life, we have TED talks, videos, and books where experts in micro expressions, body
language, and non-verbal communication talk about these same abilities. When these people speak, it
can seem that they have ready access to information the rest of us do not. Some can even appear to
have a sixth sense.
It’s high time you realized that these people aren’t any different from you. They are not smarter, or in
any way gifted. They simply learned a set of skills, and practiced until they were effective. We’ve all
heard that euphemism that 90% of all communication is non-verbal. The only difference between you,
and the experts you were watching, is that they took that 90% idea seriously, and they learned to see it,
and hear it.

Are you ready to learn the master communication skills used by the very best sales people, business
managers, law enforcement, and intelligence services in the country? Are you ready to see all this, as
simply a set of skills that can be learned, practiced, and used to help you help others reach their goals? If
you are ready to learn the communication skills used by the very best, this training is for you.

1. Well Formed OutcomesA. If you want to change people… change their neurophysiological state
B. Five basic needs: Security, Belonging, Competence, Freedom, Self-Expression
C. Change is ALWAYS based on emotion: emotional leveling and the four ways we avoid it
D. Outcomes as sensory experience: What will you see, hear and feel when you have your
E. Dovetailing their outcome and yours

2. Building Rapport
A. Focus on nonverbal communication
B. What do you see, hear and feel
C. What is their map… see a decision strategy as a sensory map
D. Time for practice in pairs

3. Building Sensory Acuity
A. Don’t just look… learn to see. Listening is optional.
B. 5 basic facial expressions
C. Nonverbal information: eye movement, breath, posture, position, gesture, tension,
D. Time for practice in pairs

4. Change is Taking an Outcome and Constructing A Decision
A. Universal decision process: Intensify the pain, suggest the solution, prove the solution,
vaccinate against objections, ask for commitment, penalty for not responding.
B. How to see objections… before they appear
C. The change always happens before the before you see it
D. Putting it all together…time for practice in pairs

5. Questions and wrap up

Learning Format
This training will be 8 hours. It is classroom based, and a combination of lecture, demonstration, and
practice. Participants will have the opportunity to see advanced communication skills demonstrated,
they will discuss important elements, and then practice these skills with their peers with a focus on
learning skills that apply to their specific setting or practice. The primary goal will be the development of
effective communication skills that allow the clinician to be more effective in their work with clients.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will understand the idea that useful communication is not about facts and
information. They will understand the role of emotion, mood, and need in the change process,
and how to usefully support the people they are working with as they move toward a positive
 2. Participants will learn outcome based verbal and nonverbal communication skills, practice these
skills, and demonstrate competence. They will develop increased sensory acuity and be better
able to see and understand nonverbal communication. They will focus on how to use these skills
to support others as they move through the change process to achieve a useful outcome.
 3. Participants will be able to see and understand how other people make decisions, and how they
can support this process, and help others move toward a useful outcome.

Pierre Chamber of Commerce – 800 W. Dakota Ave. Pierre, SD 57501

$250 per person and space is limited. If you wish to attend this training, please email Rising Hope @ with Message Title: January Influence Training

Continuing Education:
Counselors and Social Workers
Sioux Falls Hypnosis is approved as a provider for continuing education. All participants will receive a
certificate documenting attendance, satisfactory completion and 8 CE hours.

The Master Hypnotist Society maintains responsibility for the program and its content. All participants
will receive a certificate documenting attendance, satisfactory completion and 8 CE hours.
If a student cancels 72 hours prior to the first day of training, they will receive a complete refund, minus
applicable credit card, or other transfer fees. Any cancellations after that timeframe will receive a 50%
refund. IAny other complaint or dispute can be addressed directly with the trainer/Sioux Falls Hypnosis.

Daniel is a psychologist, entrepreneur, trainer, and past C-suite executive for healthcare and mental
health operations across the United States. He started his career as a Professor of Psychiatry at the
University of South Dakota School of Medicine. He left this position to be a founding partner and the
Vice President of Operations at Curaquick, one of the nation’s first retail health care chains. The
Curaquick team opened clinics in seven states working with both Walmart and HyVee stores. Daniel sold
his interests in Curaquick and went on to become the Chief Clinical Officer at Deer Oaks Mental Health.
He was part of the management team that took Deer Oaks from 180 clinicians in 9 states to 360
clinicians in 19 states. During his time at Deer Oaks, the company went from 13 million to almost 30
million a year in revenue. Daniel left Deer Oaks to take the position of Vice President of Operations with
Medoptions the nation’s largest provider of behavioral health services in rehabilitation and long-term
care. At Medoptions he worked with a staff of more than 800 Social Workers, Psychologists and
Psychiatrists providing care in 21 states, including psychotherapy and psychiatry services. While at
Medoptions, Daniel managed the integration of one of the largest mental health acquisitions ever
completed, and when he left Medoptions the company generated over 90 million a year in revenue.
Daniel currently works as a consultant for corporations and private equity groups across the United
States who have an interest in the mental health space. He specializes in working with clinicians, sales
people, and business managers with a focus on increasing revenue through personal development,
operations improvement, and staff training. He also owns, and maintains his private practice at Sioux
Falls Hypnosis, and has an ownership role in multiple mental health operations nationally.
Daniel is the author of Rebels Poets and Mystics which came out in 2008 as well as his latest book, The
Bigger Picture, which was released in 2021 and available on Amazon.


What others say about training with Daniel…
If you want a new exciting interactive experience, look no further. Daniel has vast knowledge in this field
and is able to lead your practice in a new direction that makes sense.
Kelsey Foote, Counselor

Dan is a visionary, who has the uncanny ability to make things happen. He is motivated, persistent,
creative and highly effective. I recommend him without reservation!
Ellen Muntz, Ph.D. Chief of Mental Health Services VA Health Services

I highly recommend Dr. Burow. I hired him to help me through a challenging time. He’s brilliant,
passionate, and loves what he does. If you’re looking to break through in your business or personal life,
book an appointment with him!
Yoli Olavarria, CPO Leaderlync

I now see what I need to see and I understand how to achieve what needs to happen to help others
decide to change. This means I have more capacity and more energy and I can bring therapy to a whole
new level.
Blair Sedlacek, Social Worker

As a social worker, I feel like I read people fairly well. After training with Dan, I realized that I have a lot to
learn. Dan not only explains what he teaches, but he demonstrates it through one-on-one and group
exercises that give you the skills you need. If you ever get the chance to attend training put on by Dan,
do it! You will not regret it!
Mollie Sanchez, MSW

As a clinical director, Dr. Burow was instrumental in shaping my approach to managing clinicians in the
field. With his guidance, I developed an approach involving common sense, openness, and a
commitment to both my employer and my patients.
Melissa Mathews, Psychologist

Our (hypnosis workshop) attendees raved about his cutting-edge knowledge, warm manner of delivery,
and seamless transition between topics. Dan is very articulate and answers questions with ease. Many of
our participants commented that the sessions were not long enough and expressed a desire to see him
present during a longer time slot. He is able to break down complex topics… at a level that even the
layman can understand. His enthusiasm for knowledge and his desire to share that with others makes
him a top-notch presenter. SDCA is looking forward to working with him again in the future.
Rebecca Christiansen, LPC-MC, LPC, NCC SDCA Executive Director

Daniel Burow is a talented hypnotherapist and teacher. He is compassionate, creative and has
tremendous integrity. I highly recommend him!

Daniel Burow has shown exceptional understanding of the use of hypnosis technology to assist clients.
His psychology experience coupled with traditional and non-traditional hypnosis and NLP gives him a
unique platform for the understanding of clients.