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As a clinician with over 15 years of experience Jill Janecke has taken brain health access in South Dakota to new heights. What started as a solo act in Pierre in 2013 grew to remodeling a building to suit her needs and hiring more staff in 2019. Jill’s dreams grew as she honed her business acumen and began plans to expand further across the state. In the two years she has expanded to an additional thirteen offices, over thirty clinicians, and a multi-million dollar statewide business. Jill and her team hosted their first women’s conference in April of 2021 which became an annual event. Jill has a knack for building connections and fostering relationships. She fiercely champions her clients, community, and clinicians insisting they all receive the best level of services available. Passion and ideas are never in short supply with Jill as she’s always looking for the next way to serve. Sign up today to learn how she went from early missteps, big milestones, to millions.