Meet the Staff at Rising Hope Counseling

Compassionate Psychotherapy to Help You Find Peace and Happiness

Pierre, SD Team

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Jill Janecke, MS, LPC-MH

Jae L. Csongradi, MSW, CSW-PIP

Patty Jonas, MS, LPC

Holly Garrett, MS, LPC

Jenni Bauer, Certified Life and Health Coach

Burke, SD Team

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Lesley Holmes, MSW, CSW

Blair Sedlacek, MSW, CSW - PIP

Jennifer Johnson, MSW, CSW

Yankton, SD Team

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Jolene Ford, MA, LPC-SUPV

Rhonda Schieffer, MSW, CSW-PIP

Tea, SD Team

Madison Kyle, MSW, CSW

Ellen Nelson, MA, LPC

Naomi Colberg, MS, LPC-MHSUPV

Aberdeen, SD Team

Dawn Richards, MS, LPC-MH-SUPV

Madison, SD Team

Howard, SD Team

Huron, SD Team

Hartford, SD Team

Watertown, SD Team